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Frame Alignment

Frame Alignment


An auto accident can twist and bend your vehicle’s frame or knock its undercarriage out of alignment. The experts at Texas Body Works have the tools and the talent to restore your vehicle back to normal. Trust in our certified technicians to straighten out your automobile’s damaged frame using the latest equipment. No matter how much or how little damage your car or truck suffered in an accident, it is probably a good idea to have its alignment checked. If we find any issues, we’ll repair it and make sure you are driving safely and securely once again.

Frame Alignment

How Auto Frame Alignment Works:

Computerized electronic measuring devices are attached to marker points around your car’s frame. The computer reads these measurements and compares them to the original factory specifications. Texas Body Works trained technicians are then able to restore the frame with precision.

During a collision alignment, we check rear camber, rear toe, front caster, camber and toe as well as the thrust angle, steering axis inclination and included angle. The reason for this is that the potential change to alignment resulting from a collision is greater than that which results from a few pothole whacks throughout the year. Accordingly, these additional angles that are checked in a collision alignment are meant to verify that the chassis parts as well as the unibody or frame are all in correct alignment.

Poor frame alignment is often the culprit when the “feel” is not restored to your vehicle. Protect your investment and be sure your car is restored properly not just for looks but for feel, drivability, and Safety.